Ciro Marina is situated on the Ionian coast and reputed to be the finest sea bathing resort in the whole of Calabria . It has an archaeological museum with a fine collection of Hellenic plates, vases and pots as well as ruins at Torre Nuova on the Lipuda, Casa Taverna, Sculco House, Saverona House which are well worth a visit.

Torre Melissa, a popular tourist haven is characterised by its clean, white sandy beaches and the very hospitable locals. The grapes from the vineyards of this fertile area are used in the production of the delicious and renowned Ciro wine.

The region of Crotone through its numerous historical sites shows how eastern cultures met with western civilisation. The sites include Le Castella, understood to have been constructed in 200BC, which is situated within a protected area in the heart of the Marina Isola Capo Rizzuto,an area which is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fascinating Capo Colonna Archaelogy Park is not to be missed. The vast park sits on the Lacinio promontory in the heart of the protected marine area and paths criss cross in and out of the ruins of Hera Lacina’s Roman Sanctuary.

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